Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Appearance of a Conflict Drinking Game

I'm watching C-SPAN.  I'm completely hammered.  This afternoon I invented the "Appearance of Conflict" drinking game.  You got it.  Any time a senator says the magic words while interrogating a Goldman employee, sip an oaky chardonnay.  If the Goldman guy says yes, I'll wash my car with several bottles of 1990 Dom Perignon.  I'm waiting.  The car's dirty, the Dom is cold. 

Here's the only shock of the day: People thought for a second their broker wasn't conflicted.  Every time my Goldman salesman (or anyone else for that matter) would call to sell me something, my first question would be why are you trying to dump this crap on my desk?

Your broker is not your doctor.  Your broker is not your lawyer.  Your broker isn't even your brother-in-law the insurance salesman.  In fact, any time you buy anything, you are buying something someone else doesn't want.  Isn't that the point?

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  1. I actually think that last point is the key thing everyone is missing. In order to buy anything, you need a willing seller who thinks it's a good price. DUH!